Will Ursula von der Leyen succeed in creating gender equality in European Commission?

The first female President of the European Commission in history is selecting employees and already experiencing difficulties in fulfilling this task. Ursula von der Leyen undertook to ensure full gender equality in her college of commissioners.

But governments decide who to send to Brussels. So far, 16 candidates have been proposed, of which only six are women, including the German chairman herself. Therefore, she requires to send 7 women from the remaining 11 countries.

Many capitals have already ignored Ursula’s call to nominate two people of different sexes. Gender balance did not work out.

Of the 26 members of the current European Commission, headed by Jean-Claude Juncker, only 8 are women.

The composition of the new colleague will have to be approved by the European Parliament. Some deputies demand a male limit.

An employee of the public organization Friends of Europe relieves responsibility from Von der Leyen:

“If the European Parliament or the Council does not play by the rules, then it will be necessary to blame them, not her,” said Dharmendra Kanani.

Brussels is waiting with interest that the new chairman will reject the candidate for membership in the European Commission if their gender is not that is needed for balance.

source: euractiv.com

photo @ European Parliament

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