WHO Expects High Incidence Of COVID-19 In Europe In Summer

Coronavirus cases have increased threefold during the past month, according to WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge. This summer, the WHO anticipates a high incidence of COVID-19 throughout Europe.

The agency reports that 53 nations in the European region currently record nearly 500,000 daily cases of infections. At 500 deaths per day, the daily mortality rate is at the level it will be in the summer of 2020.

« The rate of virus propagation will be rapid in the summer as nations in Europe have withdrawn restrictive measures in place. The virus won’t disappear just because nations cease monitoring it. It is still gaining ground, changing, and claiming lives, » Mr. Kluge spoke with APF.

The WHO is still in favor of the recommendations it made for COVID-19 prevention, including the need for prompt immunization, use of masks in public settings, and isolation of those exhibiting symptoms of the illness. Increased population immunity and actions to lower the risk for the elderly are crucial for preventing additional fatalities this summer, according to Hans Kluge.

source: afp.com

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