Welt: Huawei Will Not Be Able to Participate in t5G networks in Germany

The German government is preparing to submit to parliament a draft law with IT security criteria, the inconsistency with which may prevent the Chinese company Huawei from being allowed to create a 5G network in Germany, Welt reports, citing information received at its disposal.

According to the newspaper, the new bill regulates what criteria a company that wants to participate in creating a network must meet. « These criteria are so strict that the Chinese provider Huawei now has no chance of meeting them, » the newspaper writes.

The newspaper notes that the bill is not yet ready, it is being discussed by the ministries of internal and foreign affairs.

The US administration accuses Huawei of collaborating with China’s military and intelligence agencies and possibly spying on customers. The States also persuade a number of countries not to use the infrastructure and equipment of Huawei when switching to the 5G cellular standard. The Chinese company claims that the US accusations are unfounded, politically motivated and violate the principles of market competition. At the same time, in its pressure on allies, the United States reaches the level of threats to stop transferring intelligence data in the event of cooperation with Chinese companies in the field of 5G.

The German authorities are currently developing an approach that will determine the principles for the development of the 5G network in the country. The country’s government has repeatedly made it clear that it opposes banning access to networks for specific companies, planning instead to develop security criteria, on the basis of which a decision will already be made to cooperate or refuse to cooperate with a particular company.

source: welt.de

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