Vienna Attacked by Armed Terrorists: 1 Victim, 15 Injured

Several locations in the centre of Vienna have been targeted by armed terrorists. The police has cordoned off the centre of the Austrian capital, and the special search operation for criminals continues. An army has joined the police units. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz described the shooting in Vienna as « a disgusting terrorist attack ».

« Clearly, we have been subjected to a terrorist attack, » said Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer on Monday evening. According to him, the police continue to pursue the criminals. « We assume that there are several of them, they are armed and dangerous, » he said.

According to the police, shots were fired in Vienna at six locations at once. « There is one victim, several wounded, including a police officer, » says City Police Twitter. Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Harald Sörös said that the victim was an accidental passerby.

Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig reported 15 hospitalized people, seven of whom were seriously injured.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz described the shooting in Vienna as « a disgusting terrorist attack ». « We are currently experiencing heavy hours in our republic. I would like to thank all the emergency forces that risk their lives for our safety, especially today. Our police will take decisive action against the perpetrators of this heinous terrorist attack, » he wrote on Twitter.

« There is nothing we can say yet about the motives; of course, an anti-Semitic motive cannot be ruled out, especially given the location where this terrorist attack began, » President Kurz said later.

Even before the scale of what happened in Vienna became clear, there was a first reaction from Paris. « We, the French, share the shock and grief of the Austrians after the attack in Vienna. After France, a friendly country was attacked. This is our Europe. Our enemies must know with whom they are dealing. We will not give in to anything, » wrote French President Emmanuelle Macron on Twitter.

Other statements condemning the attack followed – from European Council President Charles Michel and the German Foreign Office. « Terrifying, disturbing messages are coming to us tonight from Vienna. Even if the scale of terror cannot yet be predicted, in these difficult hours we think of the wounded and the victims. We must not give in to the hatred that should divide our societies, » said the German Foreign Office on Twitter.


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