US Court Approves Extradition of Convicted Volkswagen’s Ex-Manager to Germany

A court in the American Detroit approved extradition of the former top manager of the Volkswagen auto concern Oliver Schmidt to Germany. Schmidt was convicted in the United States for participating in the « diesel scandal, » according to Detroit News.

Schmidt was sentenced to seven years in prison. He has already served five years in prison in a Michigan state correctional facility. He applied for extradition to Germany in order to continue serving his prison sentence at home. The court granted Schmidt’s request during an online hearing.

The decision to extradite Schmidt to his homeland was taken against the background of the case of the top manager of Audi (a division of the Volkswagen Group) Axel Eiser. Eiser was detained a month ago in Croatia on US charges of involvement in the « diesel scandal ». According to the newspaper, Germany is preparing to transfer him to the United States.

In the fall of 2015, Volkswagen group found itself at the center of the so-called « diesel scandal ». Then the company was accused in the United States of equipping diesel cars with software that underestimated actual emissions. The American government ordered the concern to recall 482 thousand Volkswagen and Audi passenger cars sold in the country in 2009-2015. In April 2017, Volkswagen agreed to buy cars from consumers and pay them compensation.


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