US And Germany Launch Partnership To Support Energy Security

US President Joe Biden said after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the countries are launching a partnership to support global energy security.

« Today we are launching a climate and energy partnership to support energy security and stable energy development in emerging economies, including central Europe and Ukraine, » Biden said.

« The US and Germany will work together to accelerate the introduction of ‘clean’ energy in developing economies – this is important to combat the climate crisis and prevent the use of energy as a coercive tool, » Washington and Berlin said in a joint statement following talks between the two heads of state.

« We will mobilise investment in Central and Eastern Europe and, among other things, support energy transformation, energy efficiency and energy independence for Ukraine, » the statement said.

There are also plans to invest for this purpose in South and Southeast Asia, develop regulations to introduce « clean » technologies, including hydrogen, and help countries technically to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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