Ursula Von Der Leyen: We Will Not Revise Brexit Conditions

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has rejected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to review Northern Ireland’s economic situation after Brexit. This was reported by The Guardian.

During the phone call, Johnson proposed a plan to abolish the customs border in the Irish Sea. It prevents duty-free trade zone between the UK and its region, Northern Ireland, which remains part of the EU economic space. This is the situation following the inclusion of a « Northern Ireland protocol » in the Brexit agreement between the UK government and the EU.

After a 30-minute discussion, von der Leyen gave a rejection of the renegotiation. « The EU will continue to be creative and flexible within the protocol. But we will not reopen negotiations, » she said. In doing so, Johnson tried to convey to the European Commission chief that there were real problems of people in Northern Ireland that needed to be addressed.

Earlier, UK business and government representatives said they were disappointed with the Brexit deal. If the clauses in the « Northern Ireland Protocol » agreement come into force, Northern Ireland will face a sharp rise in prices of various commodities. The British government is of the opinion that the protocol should be revised or abolished.

On 20 June, EU sources told Reuters that the UK could unilaterally withdraw from the Brexit agreement, but this would not force European officials to revise the « Northern Ireland protocol ».

source: reuters.com

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