Ursula Von Der Leyen: EU Fully Vaccinated Almost 60% Of Adults Against COVID-19

57% of the population has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus in the European Union, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said. The first dose of the vaccine was given to 70% of adults in the union, she specified, adding that the alliance had « kept its word ».

« But the delta option is very dangerous. Please everyone who can, get vaccinated. For your health and to protect others, » the European Commission chief said. Von der Leyen also noted that the EU is now among the world leaders in vaccinating against the coronavirus.

Vaccination in the union’s countries was slow at the beginning of the year due to a shortage of vaccines. The EU contracted several manufacturers with the expectation that it could vaccinate 70% of the population by summer, but Pfizer and AstraZeneca reported a cutback in supplies.

In response, the European Commission has obliged developers to obtain permission from the government of the country where production is located to export the vaccine outside the alliance. Italy was the first to exercise the ban in early March, preventing AstraZeneca from exporting 250,000 doses of the vaccine to Australia because of a shortage of the drug. Later, starting in the second quarter, pharma manufacturers sharply increased shipments, Reuters notes.

source: reuters.com

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