UK’s Last Day In EU

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union late in the evening of January 31, three and a half years after the referendum on the EU membership.

The country will cease to be a member state of the European Union immediately after 23:00 on January 31, London time.

The UK is actively preparing to exit the EU. The clock projected onto the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing Street will count down to the time remaining before Brexit.

A 50-pence coin dedicated to Britain’s exit from the EU will be issued.

Johnson himself plans to meet with cabinet ministers in northern England, where he will discuss « prosperity and new opportunities, » Downing Street said.

Later, an hour before the country’s official exit from the EU, he will address the nation. Johnson has already stated that Brexit will be « a great moment for our country, a moment of hope and new opportunities. »

In turn, the European side is not preparing anything special for this event. Brussels is expected to make a press statement on Brexit on Friday morning. Representatives of the EU at various levels have repeatedly said that they regret the decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union.

Flags of Great Britain, hanging near the building of the European Parliament, will be removed on January 31. It is expected that this will pass without any ceremony. One of the flags will later be placed in the EU History Museum in Brussels.

Now for the UK there is a transition period, which will last until December 31, 2020. Boris Johnson previously stated that he did not intend to extend it. This period is necessary so that the European Union and Great Britain can calmly conduct yet another difficult negotiation and coordinate their future relations.

In the transition period, the UK will remain in the European Customs Union and within the single market; freedom of movement between the UK and the EU will remain. At the same time, the UK will lose membership in the European Parliament and the European Commission. That is, the UK will obey the rules and laws of the European Union, but it will not have voting rights in the bloc.

The main issue that the parties have to agree is a new trade agreement. If this does not happen, then trade between the EU and the UK will occur according to the rules of the WTO, which is disadvantageous to both London and Brussels.

The parties should also agree on rules for access to fishing areas, which is likely to become a difficult issue. An agreement will also have to be reached in the areas of jurisprudence, security, data transmission, drug licensing, aviation standards, and gas and electricity supplies.


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