UK To Stop Gas Exports To EU In Case Of Reduced Supplies

If the European Union has serious fuel shortages in the upcoming months, including because Russian gas shipments have been limited, the United Kingdom will stop providing gas to that region. One of the first steps in the nation’s emergency gas plan is to shut down connected pipelines to Belgium and the Netherlands, according to the Financial Times.

The newspaper reported that European gas companies are pleading with London to keep working with the EU and warning that shutting the pipes could result in fuel shortages in the winter. The publication reports that the UK imports a sizable amount of gas from continental Europe throughout the winter.

« I would strongly advise [the UK] to think again before shutting the connecting pipes, since the UK can profit from it in the winter if the continent can in the summer, » the head of the European Network of Transmission System Operators noted.

Stress tests for the emergency gas plan will be carried out in September by Britain’s National Grid, which is in charge of, among other things, the nation’s energy security. The business stated that it carries out such tests every year and that the test in September « will reflect the circumstances » of Russia’s sharp decrease in gas exports. In addition to obstructing gas pipelines, the backup plan calls for turning off supply to sizable industrial consumers and pleading with homeowners to use less gas, according to the Financial Times.


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