UK to Hire 21,000 People to Track COVID-19 Patients

The UK government will soon be able to track all the contacts of those who have been confirmed with a new type of coronavirus, according to British media.

According to Health Minister Matt Hancock, the government will employ 21,000 people who will specialize in looking for such contacts.

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Wight off the coast of England, the government began testing a special mobile application that warns users if they find themselves in contact with an infected person. The government noted that so far the application is not functioning perfectly, and also it is not working on some smartphones.

Last week in England, the first measures to mitigate the restrictive regime introduced earlier to combat the spread of coronavirus began to take effect. Those locals who cannot work from home are returning to offices. As part of the concessions from Wednesday, May 20, it is allowed to play sports on the street without time limits, as well as meet friends in the open air. Work was also allowed to restore the golf clubs and tennis courts.

Residents still must maintain a social distance of two meters; for violation they face a fine of 100 pounds. It is expected that the next phase of easing restrictions in England will begin, at the earliest, on June 1. Then, perhaps, the now closed shops and schools will resume work. The third phase, in which many public places, as well as hotels can open, will begin, at the earliest, in July.


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