UK Signs Security Guarantee Agreement With Sweden And Finland

The UK has signed reciprocal security assurances agreements with Sweden and Finland. This was announced in a statement by the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The document states that London « unconditionally supports » Sweden and Finland, and signing of the declarations in the field of security guarantees is a symbol of this trust. It is also noted that the signed documents will « increase the level of security in Europe »: Great Britain will be able to enhance its military presence in the countries, deploy military equipment and personnel there. In addition, the agreements will intensify intelligence sharing between the countries and speed up military training programmes, exercises and deployments.

In mid-April, it became known that Sweden and Finland might join NATO. On May 11, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, citing sources, reported that the countries had until May 15 to decide on membership of the alliance. The alliance now lists 30 countries, including Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. Finland and Sweden have the status of NATO partner states.


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