UK Refuses Chinese 5G Equipment, Turns for Help to Japan

The British government asked Japan to help build a 5G telecommunications network in the country without involving equipment of the Chinese company Huawei, the Nikkei reported.

According to the newspaper, the Japanese companies NEC Corp and Fujitsu Ltd. are named as alternative equipment suppliers in London.

Last week, the UK made the decision to refuse Huawei equipment when building a 5G network by the end of 2027. The move reflects the UK’s efforts to attract new equipment suppliers to stimulate competition and reduce costs for the country’s wireless operators, the report said.

Earlier it was reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered to completely cleanse the UK 5G network of Huawei equipment by 2027.

Oliver Dowden, Minister for Digital Culture, Media and Sports, said that 5G technology will be a « revolutionary achievement » for the UK, but only with the confidence « in the safety and resilience of the infrastructure on which it is built. »

« After the US imposed sanctions on Huawei and our cyber experts updated their technical guidelines, the government decided that it is necessary to ban Huawei from participating in our 5G networks, » the minister added.

He noted that from January 2021 « no new set of equipment will be purchased, and by the end of 2027 Huawei will be completely excluded from UK 5G networks. »

Huawei spokesman expressed disappointment with this decision by the British authorities.

« This disappointing decision is bad news for all cell phone owners in the UK. It threatens to put the UK on a slow digital basis, increase bills and deepen the digital divide. Rather than leveling the level up, the government has decided to lower it and we urge them to reconsider this solution, » he said.


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