UK Prime Minister Urges To Increase Food Production

On the eve of the G20 summit, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urged nations to expand food production and, if feasible, free up food stocks, and he accused Russia of « using food as a weapon. »

The Telegraph newspaper published an article by Sunak in which he stated that « the war in Ukraine is compounding the challenges affecting countries throughout the world. » The UK Prime Minister emphasized that inflation is currently above 7% in two-thirds of G20 countries.

The first step, in Sunak’s opinion, is to keep offering assistance « where it is most required in the upcoming winter. » He mentioned helping the Ukrainian people and « steps to prevent starvation in the most vulnerable places of the world » in this regard.

« Second, we must stop Russia’s horrifying practice of converting food into weapons. I stand with UN Secretary-General António Guterres in his efforts to maintain grain exports across the Black Sea, and I urge all nations who have the capacity to expand food production or release stockpiles to do so in order to help improve supply. »


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