UK Power Operator Instructs To Prepare Coal-Fired Plants For Start

Coal-fired power facilities must be ready for start, according to UK power company National Grid.

The operator of the unified energy system in the UK, National Grid, was given the order to get a group of coal-fired power units ready for activation on Tuesday.

« Along with offering a Demand Flexibility Service, we’ve given the all-ahead for a group of coal-fired power plants with winter contingency contracts to be ready for restart so they can be ready to go tomorrow if necessary, » the operator stated on its Twitter page.

According to the company’s website, Demand Flexibility Service is a service that provides incentive payments for reducing energy consumption during peak hours.

As the UK media reported, National Grid wants people to turn off energy-intensive appliances, such as washing machines and game consoles, during such times. The company plans to pay up to six pounds for each kilowatt hour saved.


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