UK Pledges to Give £ 119M to Help Developing Countries Fight COVID-19 and Hunger

The UK will allocate 119 million pounds to help developing countries fight coronavirus and hunger, according to a statement from the UK Foreign Office.

« The Foreign Secretary calls on countries to work with the UK to fight the coronavirus and the growing risk of hunger in developing countries. The UK, taking over the G7 presidency and the conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, announces a new $ 119 million financial aid package to fight with coronavirus and hunger, » – the message reads.

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab announced creation of the post of Special Envoy for Hunger Prevention and Humanitarian Affairs. This post will be taken by Nick Dyer, former acting director. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of International Development.

As noted in the message, the pandemic, local conflicts, locust plague and climate change have led to the fact that this year about 250 million people are forced to go hungry; parts of Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Burkina Faso are on the verge of starvation.


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