UK Opens Military Base In Norway

The UK announced opening of a military base to improve NATO’s capabilities in the Arctic. According to the British Royal Navy, the Viking facility in Norway will house special units of the Royal Marines. About 1,000 troops have already been deployed to the facility this winter.

The unit is called upon when the UK needs soldiers who can fight in extremely cold weather. The new Arctic operating base will serve British army for the next ten years as the country emphasizes its commitment to security in the High North, according to an excerpt quoted by AFP.

The facility is situated 65 kilometers south of Troms. The location « is perfectly suited to deter threats in the region » and « is positioned so that Britain can react swiftly if required to defend NATO’s northern flank and its close ally Norway, » according to a statement from the navy.

Norway, which borders Russia, does not allow foreign troops to set up permanent bases, and therefore the Viking base is anticipated to be in use for around ten years.


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