UK NHS Urges To Postpone Brexit For A Month

The UK’s National Health Service has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to postpone a final exit from the EU for another month because it could badly affect patients’ health during the COVID-19 crisis, The Guardian reports.

« The subject of the NHS may not be on the table for Brexit negotiations, but the damaging ripples from a lack of agreement with the EU could hit our ability to work hard… Given that we are days away from the ‘abyss’, we urge you to extend the transition period by a month, » the NHS confederation said in a letter.

According to the letter, the extra month « would allow the NHS to continue to focus on combating the pandemic without having to deal with the devastating consequences of leaving without an agreement ».

If the UK finally leaves the EU on 1 January without an agreement on a way forward, the British health service will have to make significant changes quickly because of the introduction of new rules and guidelines.

For his part, a British government spokesperson said that the health system would be able to operate without any problems once the transition period is over.

A new strain of coronavirus was previously discovered in the UK. It is 70% more contagious but there is no evidence yet that it is more deadly.

On Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the UK authorities had decided to impose the toughest possible – level four – travel restrictions on residents in London and almost all of south-east England. Johnson explained that he made the decision to impose the lockdown given the spread of a new strain of COVID-19 in the country.


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