UK And Poland To Cooperate On Air Defence System

The United Kingdom and Poland have agreed to collaborate on a new air defense system. Following British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s visit to Poland, the agreement was signed.

« For the first time in UK-Poland cooperation, the declaration of intent envisions the two nations sharing sophisticated technology to create Poland’s future NAREW ground-based air defense system, which is projected to cost several billion pounds, » according to the release.

The UK has approved a series of conventional anti-aircraft modular missiles from MBDA for the NAREW program. They are believed to be « capable of defeating sophisticated aviation threats at supersonic speeds, including stealth aircraft and high-speed missiles. » They also have an upgraded active radar seeker on board. The seeker can identify even the tiniest, quickest, and invisible objects, and it is unaffected by weather or interference.

Previously, a migration crisis erupted on the Polish-Belarusian border as a result of Middle Eastern migrants seeking entry to the European Union. Minsk has been accused by Brussels of purposely instigating the issue.


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