U.S. And Finland Discuss Military Cooperation

The U.S. and Finland are working on a defense cooperation deal. If it passes, the U.S. will be authorized to store its military hardware on Finnish soil and at military sites, reports Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

Another round of negotiations took place in Helsinki last week, where officials of the two nations discussed the agreement’s content. He claims that the agreement will enable Finland to improve its defense by potentially deploying American military hardware.

According to the agreement, the United States would be permitted to station troops in Finland and make infrastructure investments using money given to the Defense Department by the American Congress.

The agreement’s specifics are not yet known. Helsingin Sanomat claims that the US and other NATO members have similar agreements. Sweden, which intends to join the alliance, is also talking about a similar treaty.

Finland officially joined NATO in April, over a year after submitting its application. Sweden has made a similar application, but conditions put by Turkey make it more difficult for it to become a member.

source: hs.fi

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