Turkey Puts Demands For Accepting Sweden And Finland In NATO

Turkey’s demands for accepting Sweden and Finland into NATO
Turkey for agreeing to accept Sweden and Finland into NATO has demanded that they publicly condemn the country’s banned Kurdistan Workers Party, lift sanctions for the purchase of Russian C-400 missile systems, return to the pilot training programme for US F-35 aircraft and lift the arms restrictions that the aspirants to NATO membership imposed in 2019 over Turkey’s involvement in the military conflict in Syria. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing senior sources in Ankara.

They said Turkish authorities did not want to repeat the story of Turkey officially agreeing to Greece’s return to NATO – Ankara confirmed its agreement in 1980, despite disagreements between Turkey and Greece over Cyprus. NATO membership requires applications to be considered by the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s main political governing body. The membership agreement must be ratified at national level in all 30 member countries of the alliance.

Finland and Sweden officially announced plans to join NATO on Sunday, 15 May, and submitted formal applications for membership on 17 May.

source: bloomberg.com

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