Toll Road Operators Demand €560M From Germany

After an indefinite postponement of introduction of tolls for cars in Germany, two operator companies that were supposed to collect this fee demanded €560 million from the German government.

The German government concluded an agreement with Kapsch Austria and CTS Eventim in Germany to collect motor vehicle tolls in autobahns in 2018. However, the European Court declared the toll to be illegal this year, after which the contract was terminated.

A statement by Kapsch and CTS Eventim states that their joint venture, Autoticket, is entitled to demand compensation for lost profits over the duration of the contract, concluded for 12 years. In addition, the contract provides for compensation for “termination costs”, which also includes claims for damages from subcontractors.

German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said earlier that from the point of view of Berlin, the operator company is not entitled to compensation, as the main provisions of the contract were violated. The reasons for the suspension of cooperation are also named shortcomings in the work of contractors and their actions after the termination of the contract.

The dispute may end in arbitration, which will take several years.

Opposition in Germany accuses Scheuer of premature contracting, violation of the budget and public procurement law, as well as in harmonization of compensation rules at the expense of taxpayers. The minister denies allegations. A commission has been set up in the Bundestag to investigate the actions of Scheuer and the Ministry of Transport.


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