Thyssenkrupp excluded from Germany’s main stock index

Shares of the German industrial concern, which have been part of the original composition of the DAX index since 1988, will be transferred to a less significant stock index in the coming weeks.

Deutsche Börse Group, operator of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, announced replacement of Thyssenkrupp AG securities in the DAX index with shares of aircraft engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines. Thyssenkrupp shares will be included in the MDAX index.

Thyssen was one of the 30 leading German companies that have been included in the DAX index (Deutscher Aktienindex) since its launch in 1988, and remained in the index after merging with Krupp in 1999. Last year, DAX were also excluded Commerzbank shares, also included in the initial stock index of leading German companies.

According to some opinions, the exclusion of Thyssenkrupp AG is another signal of the decline of German industry, states the Swiss edition of Neue Zurcher Zeitung.

It was previously noted that a number of German concerns, which occupied leading positions in the automotive, banking, industrial and other fields, have now lost them.


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