Theaters In Spain Are In No Hurry To Open To Spectators After Pandemic

In Spain, theaters are allowed to receive spectators again after provinces in which they are located moved to the third stage of quarantine exit. In some provinces, this happened on May 25, in others – on June 1, and theaters in Madrid and Barcelona were allowed to do so since last week.

However, not all theaters are in a hurry to open their doors after a forced break due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. So, only about a dozen cultural institutions out of 60 existing in the city will receive spectators in the capital of Spain during the summer months. The owners and managers of the rest decided to postpone resumption of the season until September.

There are at least two reasons for this. Firstly, even after the lifting of the state of emergency and quarantine, some restrictions in the country will continue to apply, and they relate, among other things, to the number of spectators who can be allowed into the hall for one performance or show.

The second reason, according to the representatives of theaters, is perhaps even more important. They need time to prepare new productions. According to a chairman of the Association of Directors and Theaters of Madrid, this usually takes 45 to 50 days. Now, this period will be even longer, because artists even have to maintain a “safe distance” on stage and regularly undergo medical examinations, says El Mundo.


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