The Philippines Will Offer Its Medical Staff To The UK And Germany In Exchange For Vaccine Supplies

The Philippine authorities intend to offer the UK and Germany several thousand of their health workers, primarily nurses, if these countries agree to provide the Philippines with the COVID-19 vaccine. This was reported by Reuters citing a statement by a high-ranking official of the Philippine Labor Department.

The Philippines has a travel restriction on health workers to work abroad of no more than 5,000 per year. The Labor Department said it was prepared to lift the restriction in exchange for free supplies of vaccines. In all, the Philippines needs the vaccine for 70 million adults, for which the authorities want 148 million doses. This week, the first shipments will arrive in the country, which have been provided free of charge by China.

The position of the Philippine government has not been widely supported by the country’s health workers themselves. « It’s just disgusting that the government is treating nurses and health workers like some kind of raw material or an export commodity, » Jocelyn Andamo, head of Filipino Nurses United, told Reuters. German and British authorities have not yet responded to the initiative.


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