The Netherlands Offers To Host Tribunal For Ukrainian Conflict

The Hague has been suggested as the location for a « tribunal for aggression » in Ukraine, according to Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra, the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation (NOS) reports. « All options leading to the prosecution of crimes must be considered, » said Mr. Hoekstra.

The minister stated that « wide international political backing and financing » would be needed for a solution. According to him, the tribunal shouldn’t obstruct the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is already looking into possible war crimes in Ukraine and is based in The Hague. As noted by NOS, the establishment of the tribunal would necessitate a resolution by the UN Security Council, where Russia holds the veto due to its status as a permanent member.

In this way, Wopke Hoekstra reacted to a resolution that the Dutch parliament majority approved in October. A « special tribunal to consider the act of Russian aggression against Ukraine » was proposed by the parliamentarians. The European Commission suggested establishing a tribunal on Ukraine under the auspices of the UN by the end of November. France claimed that there was already progress being made on this subject in Europe.


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