Swiss Parliament Refuses To Ease Restrictions On Arms Re-Exports

The National Council of the Confederation stated that the lower chamber of the Swiss Federal Assembly voted against easing a restriction on the re-export of Swiss weapons to nations engaged in armed conflict.

« 135 voted against easing the restrictions, while 48 voted in favor. »

According to the press office for the council, « Bern has consistently rejected requests to re-export Swiss weapons, citing neutrality and the law on military equipment. »

The Council of Cantons, Switzerland’s minor chamber of parliament, approved a proposal by the council’s security commission in June that would relax the restrictions on re-exporting weapons created in Switzerland and delivered to other nations.

Earlier, a number of European nations—including Germany, Denmark, and Spain—wanted to send military hardware made in Switzerland to Ukraine. However, Bern rejected their request, citing the neutrality policy enshrined in the nation’s constitution, which forbids the transfer of weapons to areas of active conflict.


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