Swedish Klarna Returns As Europe’s Most Expensive Start-Up, Plans IPO

Swedish startup Klarna may reclaim its status as Europe’s most expensive unicorn, with a valuation of $31bn, Bloomberg reported citing sources.

According to them, during the round of investment, which may be announced in the next few days, the company plans to raise from $ 800 million to $ 1 billion. Klarna representative declined to comment. Reuters’ interlocutors say it is talking about raising at least $500 million.

In the last round last September, the startup raised $650 million in funding at a valuation of $10.65 billion.

Klarna CEO and founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski, speaking to Reuters, declined to comment on the new round, but noted that the company was considering going public without an IPO. « I think it’s a very interesting concept. I know Spotify has done it successfully. I think it’s a more modern way of making the company public. <…> If you’ve heard we’re interested in that, it’s true, we’re interested, » Siemiatkowski said.

Siemiatkowski did not rule out a traditional IPO, but said the decision would not be made until after Niclas Neglen is appointed as the company’s CFO in March this year. The head of the Swedish start-up noted that a listing could happen as early as this year, but 2022 is more likely, he said.

source: reuters.com

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