Sweden Reaches Zero Deaths From COVID-19

Sweden maintains zero deaths from COVID-19 from 22 July 2021. This achievement is reported by the database Our World in Data.

So far, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency, 76.9 per cent of adults in Sweden have completed the first stage of vaccination and 49.1 per cent finished the second stage.

Meanwhile, the Swedish government continues to lift restrictions on its citizens. From 15 July, Swedes are free to use public transport and go to all public places from parks to gymnasiums. For now, only one recommendation from the Ministry of Health remains in place: people who have detected symptoms of the coronavirus are asked not to leave their homes.

On July 6, Israel reported zero deaths from the coronavirus for 12 days. The high rate of vaccination in the country has contributed to this. However, with the spread of the « delta » variant (Indian strain) of the disease, there is a risk of a worsening of the situation in the country.

source: reuters.com

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