Survey: European Platform Workers Are Rushing Into Trade Unions

The International Labor Organization (ILO) found that 13% of couriers, drivers, and independent contractors in the EU are already members of trade unions.

The unions are actively advocating the interests of platform workers in the EU, and this is happening in the context of legislative measures aimed at protecting their rights.

Platform workers in the EU are prepared to join trade unions since they view these groups as possible guardians of their labor rights, say researchers from the ILO who polled 2,000 platform workers, such as drivers, couriers, and independent contractors, across 14 European nations. According to reports, 5.6% of people in the EU who are of working age are employed on platforms.

Results of the poll show that 13% of these workers now belong to a trade union. The study’s authors point out that this share is comparable to the indication among employees in traditional job types.

Recently, a bill that would better protect the rights of workers on online platforms—such as delivery drivers and cab drivers—was agreed upon by the European Parliament and the EU Council. They will find it simpler to file complaints over working conditions and to pursue recognition as employees as opposed to independent contractors in order to be eligible for all benefits to which the latter are entitled.


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