Survey: EU Citizens Note Personal Benefit Of EU Membership

For the most part, citizens of the European Union feel the personal benefits of EU foreign trade, and are confident that membership in the union better ensures trade interests of their countries than if countries acted separately on the foreign market.

According to a survey by the Eurobarometer agency published on Wednesday, 60% of EU residents believe that international trade brings them personal benefits. This is 16% more than 10 years ago. 71% of respondents believe that the EU more effectively protects the trade interests of their countries than these countries acting independently.

Over the past five years, 16 new trade agreements between the EU and third countries have entered into force. The European Commission, publishing the survey data, emphasizes that when concluding agreements, more attention is paid to transparency and the requirements of sustainable development. Compliance with environmental standards and labor law has become the cornerstone of EU trade policy.

Foreign trade today supports 36 million jobs in the EU, which is 5 million more than in 2014.


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