Supporters Of Catalonia’s Independence May Lose Their Majority In Parliament

The Socialist Party of Catalonia, a party that advocates for Spain’s reunification, is winning the legislative elections. According to Reuters, political forces supporting Catalan independence may lose power for the first time in more than ten years and will not win an absolute majority of seats in Parliament.

The Socialist Party secures 42 members in the 135-seat legislature with over 99% of the votes counted. Thirty-five seats are up for grabs by the pro-independence Left Republicans of Catalonia party, while the separatist coalition led by the region’s former prime minister, Carles Puigdemont’s Junts per Catalunya, can claim thirty-five.

The four pro-independence parties could secure 61 seats in total; a majority government requires 68 seats.

A coalition will also need to be negotiated by the socialists as Spain has made the decision to usher in a new era. The Socialist leader, Salvador Illa, a former Spanish health minister, declared, « The people have decided that the Socialist Party will lead this era and I intend to be the next president of Catalonia » (cited by AP).


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