Storm Ciara Swipes Across Northwestern Europe

Storm Ciara continues to rage in Europe. An “orange” (that is, high) hazard level was declared in 42 departments in the north of France. The storm tore down roofs, felled trees and poles of power lines. Electricity was shut down in 130 thousand home across the region, according to Euronews.

A dam was flooded in Wimereux (department of the Pas de Calais). In Lille, where the wind speed reached almost 190 km/h, the storm tore off a building’s façade. The authorities advise the Parisians not to leave their homes unless necessary.

A storm warning was also announced in the extreme south of the country and on the island of Corsica.

Other regions of Europe also suffered from the disaster. Parking was flooded in Trondheim on the southwest coast of Norway, and motorists were trapped.

In Germany, the storm, called Sabine, knocked a crane directly onto the roof of the cathedral in Frankfurt, damaging it. None of the residents were injured.

Bad weather intervened in the schedule of rail transportation. Due to various objects deposited on the rails by the wind, Deutsche Bahn completely canceled express trains and long-distance trains, urging travelers to postpone trips. Its spokesman said: “The safety factor was decisive, so we couldn’t allow the trains with passengers to remain on open tracks. We managed to by and large avoid such situations. »

“Red” hazard level declared in the Netherlands. All public events in the country are prohibited, including the much-anticipated matches of the national football championship

In the UK, the disaster led to interruptions in transportation, massive blackouts and floods. Ferry service through the English Channel has been discontinued, hundreds of flights have been canceled, Euronews reports.


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