Spaniards Save Over €4.5B Thanks To Authorities’ Energy Initiatives

Spanish energy minister and third vice president Teresa Ribera stated on Monday at the summary of the interim results of the energy contingency plan (Plan +SE) that Spanish citizens have saved more than €4.5 billion as a result of steps to lower energy prices.

« We see a very favorable balance for Spanish consumers, who, according to our estimates, have saved over €4.5 billion on 8 January since the plan was established, » she added, comparing the average energy rates in Spain’s wholesale market with those in Italy, France, and Germany.

According to her, the cost of annual energy bills for the kingdom’s most extremely vulnerable citizens has fallen by 17% and 28%, respectively, compared to 2021, despite the substantial increase in gas prices throughout 2022.

She also mentioned that Spain is making great efforts, along with other EU members, to reduce domestic natural gas demand by 15% between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023, compared to the average for the same period of the previous 5 years.


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