Spain And Ireland Ask The EC To Investigate Whether Israel Is Violating Human Rights In Gaza

The Irish Times writes that Pedro Sanchez, the prime minister of Spain, and Leo Varadkar, the prime minister of Ireland, have written to Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, requesting that she look into Israel’s conduct in the Gaza Strip for potential infringement of human rights commitments.

« Against the backdrop of the risk of an even greater humanitarian catastrophe posed by the imminent threat of Israeli military operations in Rafah, and given what has happened and continues to happen in the Gaza Strip since October 2023… We ask the commission to conduct an urgent verification of whether Israel is following its commitments, including under the EU-Israel Association Agreement, » the two leaders wrote in their letter.

In addition, the prime ministers request that the European Commission provide « appropriate measures » that Israel would face in the event that it breaks these agreements.

Both Sanchez and Varadkar stated that they are « extremely concerned about the deteriorating situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip, especially the impact that the ongoing conflict is having on innocent Palestinians, in particular women and children. »


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