Slovenian Prime Minister Resigns after Finance Minister

After a year and a half as Prime Minister, Marjan Šarec announced the need for early elections in Slovenia.

On Monday, the Prime Minister of Slovenia and the chairman of the center-left party Marjan Šarec submitted to the National Assembly – the country’s parliament – a letter of resignation and announced the need for early elections.

« With this coalition, with such a situation in parliament, I cannot justify expectations of the people. I could do this after the election, » said the chairman of the List of Marjan Šarec party.

The prime minister’s commentary followed immediately after a statement by his deputy, finance minister Andrej Bertoncelj, who also announced his departure.

The latter explained the resignation with « professional reasons. » The head of the Ministry of Finance assured that all the time he acted « transparently », striving to ensure « medium-term financial stability » of the country’s economy.


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