Slovak Premier’s Condition After Assassination Attempt Called Life-Threatening

The government of Slovakia stated that Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s condition is critical and that his life is in danger following his assassination on Wednesday.

According to The Guardian, Fico’s health was deemed « life-threatening » by the authorities.

It would have taken too long to get to Bratislava, the newspaper said, so Fico was brought to a hospital in the town of Banska Bistrica. Initially, the prime minister was taken to the Handlová hospital. Fico was conscious at the time. The medical staff decided to move the patient to a different hospital.

Fico was shot on Wednesday in a shooting that happened 150 kilometers from Bratislava in the town of Handlová.

The prime minister and his followers were meeting in front of the building when the incident occurred. The gunman was apprehended by the police. His intentions are still unknown.

Fico sustained multiple wounds, one of which was to his abdomen, according to the media.

The EFE agency reports that the gunman is a 71-year-old male who resides in the southeast of Slovakia.


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