Sky News: UK To Start Housing Migrants On Abandoned Ferries

According to sources quoted by Sky News, the UK government intends to house refugees on military sites or abandoned ferries rather than in hotels. They claim that the choice will be made public within a few weeks. British ministers have reportedly « made it clear that they want to stop using hotels as accommodation for asylum seekers, » the channel reports.

According to Sky News, there had already been opposition from locals, politicians, and historians to earlier proposals to house migrants at the British air force base in Lincolnshire. Authorities have suggested that the now-idle RAF Scampton airfield, which is scheduled to shut in 2022, could house about 1500 asylum seekers. The base was initially going to be converted into a heritage site, a £300 million project.

Suella Braverman, the head of the UK Home Office, unveiled a measure on March 7 that aims to stop illegal immigration. The proposal, among other things, makes the Home Secretary « obligated » to expel people who enter the kingdom illegally.


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