Several Italian Regions Ready To Declare Natural Disaster State

Because of the continuous drought, which has mostly hit the northern and central sections of the nation during a severe summer heat wave, a number of Italian regions are poised to declare a state of natural disaster.

On Monday, representatives from line ministries such as agriculture, economic development and regional affairs, as well as the civil defense agency, attended a technical conference at the Italian government, according to Rainews24. The declaration of a drought emergency in Italy, according to Italian Agriculture Minister Stefano Patuanelli, is « imminent. »

The major threat is to Piedmont and Lombardy, where the Po, Italy’s most full-flowing river, is located. The Alps’ level has dropped to its lowest in 70 years due to a lack of rain, mild winters, and a lack of snow. The river level has decreased by 72 percent, according to Piedmont Head Alberto Cirio. Coldiretti agricultural producers’ organization says that the river in the Lombard province of Pavia has lost 3.7 meters of depth.

As a result, Piedmont officials have requested the government to declare a state of emergency and disaster for agriculture, with the goal of using water from reservoirs to generate energy. 170 towns in Piedmont have established laws on the appropriate use of fresh water, prohibiting vehicle washing and garden watering, while another ten have been forced to resort to midnight water shutoffs.

Leaders in Lombardy, metropolitan Lazio, and northern Friuli-Venezia Giulia have all taken similar steps.


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