Serbia To Build Oil Pipeline To Hungary

According to Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, building an oil pipeline from Serbia to Hungary and connecting it to the Druzhba pipeline will be a top priority project in the country’s energy industry.

As part of the Serbia 2025 strategy, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) reaffirmed Aleksandar Vučić’s prior claim that the government of the nation intended to invest €12 billion in energy development over the ensuing years.

« To increase supply sources and channels, we will need to focus on building an oil pipeline. We dare not rely just on one partner or source in order to increase Serbia’s energy security, stability, and independence, especially since they have proven to be untrustworthy and use energy to advance their political agenda. So, as soon as feasible, Serbia will begin building an oil pipeline to Hungary, which will be one of the Cabinet of Ministers’ top priorities », according to the Prime Minister.


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