Serbia Rejects German And French Plan For Kosovo

Ivica Dačić, the foreign minister for Serbia, stated that the government of the republic had rejected a prior solution to the Kosovo conflict put out by Germany and France. This strategy called for Kosovo to join the UN without Serbia’s formal declaration of independence.

Mr. Dačić stated, « Whether you want to recognize it or not in a formal sense, it is very difficult for us to accept that Kosovo becomes a member of the UN. The starting point in it is that Kosovo’s independence is a done deal, but we don’t accept that. The conclusion of the National Security Council is that this proposal is unacceptable to us, and we all voted « for » this conclusion.

The perfect conditions for a settlement of the issue, according to Mr. Dačić, will not be reached by the parties. He claimed that they were « in the area where there are no perfect answers.

Kosovo has prohibited Serbian license plates from November 1. Those who don’t have time to alter their license plates will be fined €150 by the Kosovo authorities. There will be a transition phase up until April 21, 2023, following which the Kosovo authorities will start seizing vehicles with Serbian license plates.


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