Serbia Agrees To Discuss EU Plan To Normalize Relations With Kosovo

Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, stated that his nation is prepared to debate a proposal made by the European Union regarding the normalization of relations with Kosovo. Serbia only disagrees with the suggested plan on two points: the acceptance of the republic’s independence and its admission to the UN, he said.

« Serbia is willing to work on many aspects of this plan, but we have made one important issue very clear, and I will keep my word. I told this Scholz, Macron, and all the global leaders. The key point is that discussion of reciprocal recognition and Kosovo’s admission to the UN must cease, » Vucic made the statement on Serbian Radio and Television.

The Serbian President also pointed out that the discussion with the EU leaders in Brussels yesterday resulted in no agreement on the EU plan.

The EU’s strategy for restoring normalcy between Serbia and Kosovo presupposes that Belgrade will consent to Pristina’s admission to international bodies like the UN. The finalized plan was founded on a proposal from France and Germany.


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