Second Country in Europe Crosses One Million COVID-19 Infections Threshold

France, according to Johns Hopkins University, was the second nation in the region to reach the mark of 1 million COVID-19 infections.

The latest report reveals that the world has 1,000,369 confirmed numbers of infections. 34,075 people had complications caused by COVID-19.

France is the 7th country in the world and the 2nd in the EU, where over one million individuals have been diagnosed with novel coronavirus infections.

Spain became the 1st nation in the EU to pass the threshold on 21 October. On the same day, more strict measures aimed at combating the pandemic were declared by the Czech authorities.

The new estimates show that there are more than 41.3 million individuals globally afflicted with the coronavirus. More than 1.13 million of them have died and 28 million more have survived. The states with the largest number of reported cases are the USA, Brazil , India, Argentina and Russia.


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