Scholz And Von Der Leyen Call For A « Marshall Plan » For Ukraine

In the FAZ newspaper, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen discussed the necessity of a « Marshall Plan » for Ukraine.

They pointed out that no one could bear these costs alone; the World Bank estimates that the country has suffered damage of €350 billion. Politicians therefore suggest that it be accomplished through collaborative efforts of the EU, G7, their allies, international financial institutions, and top global organizations.

According to the article, « Ukraine’s road to recovery is also Ukraine’s road to the European Union » (quoted by Reuters). The authors note that the plan should also address fighting corruption and establishing high standards for the rule of law in Ukraine. Support for Kiev, in the opinion of Scholz and von der Leyen, will contribute to the development of « our common Europe’s future ».

The issue of transferring frozen Russian assets to Ukraine is currently being discussed by the EU. Chiefs of states and governments of the EU member states met last week and issued a directive to the EC to prepare potential options for this resolution.


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