Rzeczpospolita: About 95% Of Polish IT Companies Are Forced To Lay Off Employees

According to the Rzeczpospolita magazine, 95% of Polish IT companies have been obliged to make staff reductions.

« About 95% of Polish IT companies have reduced their human resources to meet the current needs associated with the development of artificial intelligence and much more complex market conditions, » reads the newspaper.

It should be highlighted that small businesses with up to 50 employees made the most personnel reductions last year.

Poland continues to see a surge in the number of IT companies at the same time. The overall number added 1,500 more companies in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

The article claims that in the last two years, Poland’s IT sector’s debt has grown by a third to 264 million zlotys, or roughly 66 million USD. This is because of the worldwide economic recession and the decline in demand for IT services brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. According to the newspaper, this leads to heightened rivalry for contracts, acceptance of increasingly unprofitable offers, and declining margins with high fixed expenses, primarily salary expenditures.

source: rp.pl

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