Reuters: EU To Introduce Fines Against Social Networks For Failing To Combat Deepfakes

On Thursday, June 16, the European Commission may release a revised version of the anti-disinformation code. According to Reuters, IT corporations like as Google, Twitter, and Meta would be required to either take efforts to combat deepfakes and fake accounts on their platforms or pay fines based on turnover if they did not.

For failing to combat deepfakes and fake accounts, the European Union’s new code of practice against misinformation proposes sanctions of up to 6% of worldwide revenue for IT firms like as Google, Meta, Twitter, and other corporations that run social networks. This is according to Reuters, citing the document’s text, which the European Commission is expected to make public on Thursday, June 16.

In 2018, an optional signature document called the code of practice against disinformation was launched. It will now be a collaborative regulatory document, with regulators and corporations that have signed the code sharing responsibilities. The signatories agree to combat the spread of phony social media profiles and deepfakes. They’ll « develop, enhance, and enforce a clear policy on their services against unethical manipulative conduct and practices. »


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