Renault Signs Largest Renewable Energy Purchase Contract In French History

The largest contract for the purchase of renewable energy in French history has been signed by Renault. All of Renault’s French sites will have solar panels thanks to the agreement with solar panel maker Voltalia.

The agreement has a 15-year duration. In 2025, Voltalia will start putting in 100 MW of solar panels at Renault plants all around France; starting in 2027, the installations will reach 350 MW.

The contract is announced at a time when energy prices are on the rise due to limited Russian fuel supplies as well as issues with Electricite de France’s nuclear power plant.

Renault has also engaged into two further agreements as part of a campaign to increase the use of renewable energy sources and lower carbon emissions from its operations.

The carmaker will be able to start installing heating systems that use biofuels thanks to a cooperation with Electricite de France’s Dalkia division. Additionally, the alliance with Engie will provide Renault’s plant in Douai (about 30 km south of Lille) with electricity from nearby geothermal sources, meeting 70% of the facility’s total energy requirements.


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