Relatives of COVID-19 Victims Accuse Italian Authorities of Negligence

In Italy, relatives and friends of people who died as a result of the novel coronavirus infection accuse the authorities of negligent and incompetent actions. This was stated at a press conference in Rome by representatives of the Noi denunceremo association, which includes relatives of the victims, the dpa news agency reported on Tuesday, June 9.

« We want someone to resign, someone to apologize, » said Noi denunceremo spokeswoman Cristina Longhini. According to her, a large number of deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus in Italy resulted in the fact that many patients with COVID-19 pneumonia, like her 65-year-old father, received medical care too late.

On June 10, members of Noi denunceremo intend to symbolically file about 50 applications for unidentified persons with the prosecutor’s office of the city of Bergamo. This city is considered the epicenter of the coronavirus in Italy.

In Italy, a total of more than 235 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus were detected, while almost 34 thousand patients died. The authorities in the province of Lombardy, where Bergamo is located, are accused of a late response to an outbreak. The region, in turn, blames the federal authorities in Rome. Currently, prosecutors in Lombardy are investigating several cases involving management errors in nursing homes and other institutions where a large number of coronavirus victims were recorded.


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