Portugal’s New Government Sworn In

Portugal’s new Prime Minister Luis Montenegro and his administration were sworn in on Tuesday following the country’s March 10 parliamentary elections, according to a broadcast by RTP.

At a ceremony held at the Ajuda National Palace, Head of State Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa swore in Montenegro and 17 new ministers to his administration. 150 people attended the ceremony, among them António Costa, the former prime minister.
Maria de Graça Carvalho, who was appointed Minister of Environment and Energy in the new cabinet, is the only one of the new Portuguese ministers with prior government experience. She was formerly employed by Prime Minister Jose Manuel Barroso.

This time, a coalition of right-wing parties in Portugal has established a minority administration; in the 230-seat parliament, 80 seats are held by supporters of Montenegro. Next week, it is anticipated that it will propose its agenda to parliament, after which lawmakers would vote on it a few days later.

source: rtp.pt

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