Poll Shows Majority Of UK Citizens Are Seeking Liberal Values

Increasingly more UK citizens are adopting a liberal perspective in terms of social issues like racial equality, immigration, views toward sexual orientation, and others. The National Centre for Social Research, the largest independent social research organization in Great Britain, has been conducting an annual public opinion survey on « British opinions on social issues » since 1983.

The survey, in which 6,250 people participated, revealed a noticeable movement in public opinion on social issues toward more inclusivity during the previous 20 years. For instance, in 1995, over 48% of respondents believed that in order to be regarded as a « true Briton, » one needed to be born in the country. Currently, 17% of Britons share this opinion, with 54% of respondents believing that being born in the UK is not significant (in 2013, only 25 percent were). Additionally, whereas 54% of respondents in 2013 agreed with the assertion that Britain was superior to most other nations, only 34% do so today.

Additionally, from 25% in 2000 to 45% today, the proportion of people who think that Black or Asian Britons do not have enough equal opportunities with the rest of the population has doubled. From 42% in 2011 to 20% today, the proportion of those who say immigration is « bad for the economy » has decreased. Additionally, within the same time frame, from 21% to 50% more people now agree that immigration is good for the economy. In the most recent survey, 73% of individuals responded « not enough » or « more or less enough » when asked if sexual minorities have enough rights. The ratio was 62% in 2013.

source: bsa.natcen.ac.uk

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